Wednesday, 16 December 2015

GMC Leader call on Ecowas Chairman to act on Gambian Opposition Demands

By Sainey MK Marenah
Hon Fatty Addressing the Press
The Party leader and founder of opposition Gambia Moral Congress, Hon Mai Ahmad Fatty has urged the Chairman of the Ecowas and President of Senegal, Macky Sall to quickly act on the demands of the Gambian opposition in an letter sent to Eowas by Gambian opposition parties ahead of the Dec 2016 Presidential elections.
Speaking in Dakar on Tuesday at a news conference witness by local diplomats and Gambians in Senegal, GMC leader said members of the Gambia opposition have written to Ecowas demanding the commission intervention in calling for electoral reforms and term limit in the Gambia.
“The Gambian oppositi
on wrote to the Ecowas and we want President Sall as the chairman of the Ecowas to act on our letter as we have not heard from the commission since the letter was sent. We are waiting on Ecowas respond,” he said.
Hon Fatty call came, as head of state of Ecowas are gathering in Nigeria capital Abuja for a summit that will discuss proposed Ecowas term Limit, peace and security in West Africa among other burring issues.
President Jammeh is reportedly among dozens of West African leaders attending the summit and many believe he will again come under heavy pressure to accept the proposed term limit after rejecting the deal previously alongside his Togolese counterpart.
The news conference is held under the theme: ‘Building Special Relations between Senegal and Gambia and brought together members of both the local and international press.

Erosion of Rights
Mr. Fatty raises serious concern on systematic violation of human rights perpetrated by Jammeh administration calling on the international community to act and stop Jammeh from acting with impunity.
“We are at crossroads. The forces of evil and the forces of good are at a crossroads in The Gambia. What we have seen in the Gambia under Yahya Jammeh is a complete decadence of our economy, erosion of our rights, lack of freedom of expression, violation of human rights, etc. So we have had enough of Yahya Jammeh and it is now time for him to go,” Hon Fatty told reporters.
GMC position on 2016
Speaking on the position of his party in 2016 elections, Hon Fatty disclosed that GMC would participate in Dec 1 2016 elections under the condition that there is electoral reform and elections are held without Jammeh contesting for fifth term.
“Our conditions for 2016 are clear, electoral reforms and no fifth term for Jammeh. If our demands are met, we want go to elections without Jammeh as a candidate. 21 years is enough. We will certainly contest the 2016 elections.” He told journalists.
He said: “I am willing to help President Jammeh to exit safely only if his name is not on the ballot box and negotiate with the international community for him to leave power. And if he fail all these including electoral reforms, then there will be no elections.”
Gambia as an ‘Islamic State’
Ask by journalists his reaction to President Jammeh’s proclamation that the Gambia is now an Islamic State, the politician cum lawyer describe the move as a threat to national security and unconstitutional.
“The move by Jammeh to declare Gambia an Islamic state is unconstitutional and a threat to peaceful coexistence. The Gambia is a secular state constitutionally and anything that will change that, it must go through due process (referendum),” the charismatic GMC leader said.
He said the Gambia constitution guarantee freedom of religion and therefore the president cannot impose an Islamic state without referendum.
Gambia-Senegal Relations
On Gambia- Senegal relations, Hon Fatty accused Jammeh of inciting unnecessary hatred against the Senegalese leadership while denouncing the recent attach and insults lunch by Jammeh against past and current Senegalese presidents.
He described Gambia and Senegal as one country divided by colonial masters indicating that GMC if voted into office will work hard to cement the longstanding relationship between the two countries.

 GMC Award
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Meanwhile, Gambia Moral Congress has given award to former Presidents of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade and Abdou Diouf for their outstanding leadership and bringing in peace and friendship between the people of the two countries.
The European Union Delegation in Dakar was also given an award for their support to the Gambia’s development agenda and Article 8 political Dialogue with the Gambia government.  
 Members of their respective parties received the award on behalf of the former presidents.


Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Lawyer Bah
Today, that nation space i so dearly and fondly call home is 50 years old. Raped, scarred, exploited and dehumanised by the " civilising" British, she bored the pains, aches, and trauma of this much hated and despised ordeal and perhaps more painful and hurting to her battered soul was seeing the utmost suffering, indignity, despair, and sorrow that this ordeal inflicted on her off springs.
After more than 300 years of constant exploitation and oppression, they left us in 1965 with one Hospital, a few High schools, no visible infrastructure worthy of its name and no polytechnic, talk less of a university. Our conquerors doubted our survival as an independent nation. They hog washed us with infantile tales of what lay ahead in our pursuit of nationhood. They questioned and tested our resolve to manage our own affairs. They vociferously and viciously fed us with the rhetoric that we cant make it alone as a nation because we are not blessed with any natural resource to maintain our coffers. So bleak, mundane and grotesque was the future they painted for us yet we insisted that the Union Jack must be lowered and bundled back to Her Majesty.
While a host of sister nations took up arms to liberate themselves from the oppression and indignity of colonialism, peaceful Gambia negotiated her independence and same was reluctantly granted to the utter chagrin of the British. We insisted on joining the new emerging Republics and rub shoulders with the charismatic Kwame Nkrumah, the fearless Saikou Toure, the erudite Jomo Kenyatta, the visionary Julius Nyerere and their ilk. We proved that there is no force that can break a people resolve to self determination. With sheer self determination, we have weathered the storm, survived the stumbling blocks on the path to our destination.
Today they will ask us as if to prove their prophesy, how have we fared as a nation 50 years after the Union Jack was lowered in this territory? Without any resource to speak of, this nation boast of visible infrastructure, a healthcare system, institutions of higher learning, a growing list of homegrown intellectuals, a stable economy and enviable tranquility. It wont be out of place to point out that we still could have done better. Like any novice nation-state, mistakes are bound to be made, obstacles encountered and lessons learn. For those who can discern how precarious and unyielding our economy has been (one that is heavily dependent on a dying agricultural sector and a fledgling tourism industry) during these five decades, will describe our position today as nothing short of a miracle.
The list of failed and failing states  keep growing every year but this nation has never had course to appear on that infamous list. We have maintained a respectable position in the U.N Human Development Index beating oil producing nations like Nigeria, and Angola. We are admired for our tolerance, hospitality, stability and unity in the face of diversity, a combination of traits hard to come by.
Today should serve as a pause point to reflect on our shortcomings as a nation and brace up for what the future throws at us for we do not need a soothsayer and his abracadabra to tell us that the journey to our destination will be rough, arduous, and  testing of our resolve to become a first world nation. Singapore achieved this feat in 50 years with sheer sacrifice and hard work of its people.
If Singapore can do it, we can as well. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY GAMBIA. 
The Authored Abdulrahman Bah Esq. is a holder of a first class honours law degree from Igbinedion University Okada, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Valedictorian of the Gambia Law School in the 2013/2014 Bar Exam. He is cureently a State Counsel at the Attorney General's Chamber & Ministry of Justice and he is a law lecturer at various institutions in The Gambia.

Monday, 9 February 2015

US Seeks Closer Security Partnership with Africa As African Land Forces Summit Opens in Dakar

Lineup of African Service Chiefs at The Summit

By Sainey MK Marenah
The United States through US Ground Forces for Africa command is currently seeking a closer security partnership with African states amid growing insecurity threatening the Africa region as African security chiefs storm Dakar for a three-day high level African land forces summit.
The high-level military summit open today in the Senegalese city of Dakar holding under the theme: ‘train strength to a broad spectrum of Military operations,’ brought together over 40 military delegations from across Africa.
Addressing the delegates, The US Ambassador to Dakar, Jim Zumwalt said: “As soldiers and diplomats, we stand on common ground to carry out instructions of our leaders to build security and peace. Soldiers and diplomats are partners just as Africans and Americans are partners. We share a common goal of achieving peace, security, and economic prosperity in our societies.”
The chief US Diplomat in Senegal told the summit that: ‘Today we will focus discussions on peace and security, but we all understand that enduring peace and stability are essential prerequisites for economic growth.’
The diplomat resolves the US Commitment in collaborating with Africa saying that ‘the United States wants to work together with you to create the environment for our farmers, entrepreneurs, government officials, soldiers, scientists, teachers, workers to promote economic prosperity on the African continent.’
Lt General David Parkins from US Ground Forces for Africa command also used the summit to call for greater US-African security partnership describing the summit as ‘important’
What we do is to institutionalize the army to be more professionals, the senior US Army said, adding ‘we need security for peace and stability to grow.’
 Brigadier General Chiekh Gueye, Chief of Staff of Senegalese Army and Minister of Armed Force of Senegal, Augustus Tine both applauded the US for seeking a closer security partnership with Africa.
The top Senegalese security leaders dilated on the current security threats confronting the region while calling for concerted efforts to solve Africa’s security issues.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

UN Chief meets Gambian Born Anti- FGM Activist

As the growing Global campaign to eliminate the practice of Female genital mutilation intensifies, United States based Gambian born, Jaha Dukureh an anti FGM Campaign y as part of  celebration marking International Day of Zero Tolerance on FGM.
esterday met with Secetary General of United Nations, Ban Ki Moon at the UN Headquarters
 Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Jaha Dukureh, an activist and survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) at UN Headquarters in New York on Friday, UN official facebook page reported.
Born in the Gambia and sent to the United States at age 15 for an arranged marriage, Jaha underwent infibulation or type 3 FGM, which involves narrowing of the vaginal opening through the creation of a seal formed by cutting. “I’m not whole. I’m not intact. Something was taken away from me,” she says.
FGM can cause severe physical complication and even lead to death, as well as having a deep psychological impact on women and girls. Now a committed advocate, Jaha founded Safe Hands For Girls, a organization aiming to ‪#‎endFGM.
The United Nations which has designated Friday a worldwide day of zero tolerance on FGM, also called for concrete action against the cutting of girls and women.

GMC Leader: ‘ It is time for new Generation of Leaders’

GMC Leader Mai Ahmad Fatty is also a Human Right Lawyer

The charismatic leader of The Gambia Moral Congress, Mai Ahmad Fatty has taken the bull by his horns warning players in the Gambia’s political system that it time for new generation of leaders with new thinking and wholesale democratic attitudeto move the Gambia forward.

In a brief statement, the lawyer cum politician describes a strong critic of the Jammeh regime said: “It makes sense to ask those who have been recurring decimals in our country's sorry history, to leave the stage. It is time for a new generation of leaders, with new thinking and wholesale democratic attitude, to move our nation forward. 2016, if at all, should not be about comprehensive reform of the electoral process alone; such reform should enthrone internal democracy within political parties as well. I find it anomalous for people to offer themselves as candidates ad infinitum by manipulation and scuttling real prospects against other eligible candidates, in the name of democracy. There ought to be term limits for political party leaderships, not just the presidency. 2016, if at all should be about ushering in the promise of "The New Gambia" that we all dream of. This is my considered view.

Fatty also made it categorically clear that what he stated is a political principle of general application describing it as ‘not an insinuation against any particular or specific persons anywhere’.
Reacting to GMC Leader statement, a face book user, Kebba Foon posted “
First, we need to bring all opposition party leaders to come together for the sole purpose of selling the idea of a constitutional amendment. As it is, it should not be a hard sell to the people including APRC supporters. We will tell them that if they do not want the party to die a natural death after Jammeh, they should embrace the idea. History shows us that all political parties goes with their leaders to the grave.”

For Kemo Cham, Gambian journalist reacted: “This feels encouraging coming from the head of a political party. Mai, thanks for this. I will encourage you to make this a campaign for your party and see how you can set example for others to follow. History can never ignore you if this materializes. Bravo!
A Gambian based in UK, Sulayman Shyngle Nyassi also reacted to Mai’s call saying: “We as Gambians are the voters of the many political parties and if we are to speak with one voice, we can do it. I agree that in selling the idea, all need to be engaged in a dialogue but does it mean that term limits will only be implemented after the 2016 elections? If so, what if Jammeh wins, those that means that he will have the mandate to run for the second time in 2021, likewise all the current opposition leaders and hope that it will be their final turn?”